Joaquin Slowly is the tertiary antagonist of the five-part DuckTales premiere episode "The Treasure of the Golden Suns".

He is the self-proclaimed "High Priest" of the Golden Sun, and the locals worship him because he holds a Sun Coin. His family had been living in the Valley for 400 years. Marcheen Slowly (Joaquin's ancestor) and his companion, Juan Tanamera, stole a boatload of treasure from the Valley of the Golden Suns. But once they returned to the ship, the captain made off with the treasure, leaving behind only one Sun Coin. Marcheen and Juan drew a map to the Valley and each took a half with them when they went their separate ways. While Juan ended up losing his part of the map in Antarctica, Marcheen happened upon the cliff-dwelling sun worshippers.

Joaquin gives Scrooge his half of the map in exchange for the other Sun Coin. But no sooner does Scrooge hand over the coin that Joaquin seizes the opportunity to prove that he's the one true High Priest. With both coins in hand, he tells the natives that Scrooge is an impostor. The natives, mounted on condors, chase after Scrooge and company in the Golden Condor helicopter. In the end, the Golden Condor eludes the natives, who end up bumping into Joaquin. Joaquin drops both coins, and before he cam grab them, they fall off the edge of a cliff. He tries to get the natives to retrieve the coins, but they refuse to do so since he no longer has them.