Jerry Driscoll was the main antagonist of the Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja episode "Dawn of the Driscoll".


Jerry was once the number one student at Mad Scientist University, where he worked on his project, the doomsday device with Mrs. Driscoll at his side. As proof of a functioning doomsday device, guaranteed him Valedictorian. However, he was betrayed by Willem Viceroy, who informed the authorities, and thus he was arrested. At some point he died, and was reduced to his skeleton in what was apparently a "funny story".

Dawn of the Driscoll[]

Following Randy trying to save his science project, using the Ninja power of healing. Randy lost control of it and accidentally brought Jerry back to life. He went on a rampage, and kidnapped Howard. Randy tried to stop him, but as a skeleton, it soon became clear he couldn't be harmed. He returned to his lab, and took Howard. He revealed he though he was Viceroy, as Howard was dressed as him, at the time. After revealing that he wasn't Jerry, decided to keep him so he could watch him activate the doomsday device, still planning on achieving Valedictorian. Randy and the real Viceroy confronted him in his lab, having activated the doomsday device, and took Randy on with a laser staff. Randy managed to stop him, by removing his head, thus disabling him. However, Viceroy was unable to stop the doomsday device. At that moment his wife arrived, and managed to convince Jerry not to destroy the world. Jerry decided to move on to try and destroy the universe. As such, he was deemed too dangerous, and Randy undid the spell, returning him to death.