Jenny is the main antagonist of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3[]

She is a "perky" worker at the hotel as well as a teacher for the hotel's school for dogs. She is seen as a good role model for the puppies.

However, it turns out that she and her pet, Oscar were scheming something to help out Mr. Montague, the owner of the rival hotel. Papi notices this as she met him behind the gate in the garden. Jenny is later seen in Hollis, the manager's office trying to find important papers for the hotel, only to get noticed by Papi. When the manager comes in, she blames Papi for coming in first.

The next morning, as Jenny walks in the garden, Papi and Pedro make her trip and fall in a big puddle of peanut butter. She is then licked by several other dogs that were in the hotel. As the manager walks by, Jenny gets up and tries to blame Papi again for her being dirty. Papi gives the manager back the documents that were stolen earlier. He holds her for being responsible for the bad things that have been happening and states that "No one is ever that perky". Finally, she is arrested while still being covered in peanut butter.