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Jean Pierre Le Pelt is a furrier, and after Cruella de Vil, the secondary antagonist in 102 Dalmatians.

Feature films:102 Dalmatians

Video games:101 Dalmatians:Puppies to the Rescue

Portrayed by:Gérard Depardieu

Voice:Jess Harnell(video game)

Other names:The Napoleon of Fur

Appearance:Blond hair, small mustache and goatee, wrapped in a large fur coat



Goal:To help Cruella make the Dalmatian Puppy Coat


Allies:Cruella De Vil

Minions:Two unnamed minions

Enemies:Alonzo, Kevin Shepherd, Chloe Simon

Likes:Furs, money, strangling and skinning animals

Dislikes:"Poopies", stealing, Alonzo

Weapons:Skinning knife

Fate:Arrested by the police.

Quote:"Bonsoir, my little ones.I am the great Le Pelt, and you are, how they say, dog meat."

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