Jean George III is the main villain in Snow Buddies, the first sequel of Air Buddies.

Role in the film

He was the champion of the dogsled race every year, by constantly cheating. He was seen sledding with his dogs on a mountain. Jean George drops by the store and asks Adam's father if the harnesses came in, which they didn't. He wonders if he was going to compete in this years race and gloats that he won every year.

Later at the race, he was booed and pelted by snowballs by the audience as he stepped in the starting line. Jean George managed to cheat by endangering the other competitors lives. After the snow storm passed, he and Adam were the last ones standing. He abandons his dogs for drowning in the lake and walked to the finish line. When Adam and the buddies rescued them, Jean George steps in and continues to race anyway. Budderball stated that he was considered a double-crosser.

In the end, his dogs began to retaliate at Jean George for betraying them and stopped running, giving Adam and the buddies the win. He was chased down by his own dogs and was presumed dead by their attacks after scolding at them.

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