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"Howling" Javier Rios is one of the four secondary antagonists in Monsters University. He is a blue insect-like monster with four arms and pink eyes. He is a member of the Roar Omega Roar fraternity, and one of Johnny Worthington III's henchmen.


  • Javier made a cameo in Monsters University's teaser trailer, where he had a rather important role, as the monster holding the lamp directed at Mike.
  • It's revealed at the end of the film that after becoming a scarer at Monsters, Inc., he is dubbed "Howling" Javier Rios.
  • During the Scare Simulator portion of the Scare Games, Javier was the only member on the Roar Omega Roar team that didn't roar or make any sound effect from his mouth whatsoever. He scared the child with rattling noises; where it came from is unknown.
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