Jambalaya Jake is a minor villain from Darkwing Duck, appearing in only two episodes. He is voiced by Michael Gough.


Jambalaya Jake lived in the bayou along with his pet alligator Gumbo (who seems to be much smarter than him), but the two decide to move to the big city after hearing it was easy pickings. The two make their hideout in the sewers of St. Canard, where they plot their crimes.Jake and Gumbo first appear in the episode "Can't Bayou Love." By using Launchpad McQuack as bait, they try and catch Darkwing Duck. But Darkwing shows them first hand that in the city it is not so "easy pickings."

Jambalaya Jake and Gumbo reappear in the episode "Double Darkwings" in an attempt to get even with Darkwing. Jake is also helped by his granny, an old witch who make potions for him to use in exchange for money.At the end of the second episode, the two end arrested for trying to frame Darkwing Duck for their crimes.