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Jacoby is a naughty man who throws hand grenades and a crew member of the Black Pearl in Pirates

of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Jacoby was presumably recruited by Captain Jack Sparrow in Tortuga, prior to the mutiny that saw Barbossa lead the quest to Isla de Muerta. There, the crew became cursed, and spent the following nine years tracking down all 882 Aztec coins to lift the curse. Jacoby joined the assault on Port Royalto find the final piece.

During the siege, Jacoby caused damage to the town's structures by throwing several hand grenades, but was hindered by William Turner, who threw a hatchet into his back. Later, Turner came face-to-face with Jacoby once more, who had survived by dint of the immortality that came with the curse. Jacoby threw a grenade, but it turned out to be a dud. Will was summarily knocked out and Jacoby made his escape with the rest of the crew back to the Pearl. Jacoby confronted Will once more in Isla de Muerta, during the attack on the HMS Dauntless. There, he cornered Will and was about to kill him when Elizabeth Swann knocked him off his feet with a gaffe. Turner and Swann teamed up to spear Jacoby and two of his mates together on the gaffe. Will placed a grenade inside Jacoby's skeletal form, and pushed him out of the moonlight, trapping it in his flesh-and-blood body. His last words are, "No fair!" and shortly he died in the explosion.

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