“My world is entertainment! That excitement, to you!”
Jack Heart greeting guests

Jack Heart is a character of Tokyo DisneySea's Halloween Time. He is the Queen of Heart s from Alice in Wonderland's underling/subordinate/minion.


With the purpose of "inviting humans to the world of villains," each underling was changed into "figures appealing to humans" by their master villain and dispatched to the human world in Tokyo Disneysea's 2015 Halloween.

Jack Heart was one of those underlings, whose identity is one of the Queen of Heart's playing cards. He is introduced by Mr. V, who is the MC for the event, as "one of the entertainers in the Villain's World".

During the Guest Question and Answer segment during sailing, when asked what he thinks of the Queen of Hearts, he says that he loves her, enough (that he wouldn't mind) for her to cut his head off. On the other hand, when asked about Alice, he said it was because of her that his head was almost cut off. However, he then adds "I don't think I can say I hate her~ Because she's cute. I wonder if she'll come and fall in again~".

His signature pose is the "hand heart gesture," in which he makes a heart shape with both of his hands.


As the best entertainer among the villains, he moves around a lot. Although the other underlings are still, he dances alone and does a series of poses; he goes out of his way to guide the guests in posing, and when the female underlings are doing their self introductions, he looks at them through binoculars he makes with his hands. He has a lot of behaviors that girls may like.


He was born with a heart on his cheek, which is due to him saying that he was originally a playing card. His clothes are black, white, yellow, red and color schemes commonly used for playing cards, and his collar, buttons, necktie pattern and pants have heart designs on them.


Mad Hatter[]

He appears to be friends with the Mad Hatter.

Pretty Scar[]

He gets startled by her self introduction. They seem to have a good relationship, calling one another "Hyena Girl" and "Happy Boy". Pretty Scar, at one point, says that he's a good guy.

Ms. Hades[]

During Hades' self introduction, from behind he takes warmth from the fire on her head. He got into direct contact with the fire once, accidentally burning himself.


During sailing, you can sometimes see them making a heart with her using her right hand hook. There was once Jack got genuinely embarrassed when he looked at her from a close distance.


He calls her "Fajako." For some reason, she says "This is a Jack imitation!" and dances a mysterious/weird dance vigorously.


He calls her "Veil-chan". There was once she made fun of his pose and they fought, and she even went so far as to say, "I think I hate Jack-san more than dogs!". They seem to have reconciled, however, before the last day of the 2015 event.

Eight Foot Joe[]

Jack helps support Joe during Pretty Scar's introduction.

Mr. Dalmatia[]

He has a good relationship with Mr. Dalmatia, and they have both called one another friends. They are very physically affectionate with one another: they wrap their arms around each other's shoulders, high five, and even hug. It has been confirmed that they are each other's best friend. They're around each other a lot, and whenever one of them isn't around, the other says that they are lonely because they miss their best friend.


After failing because of Mr V's unreasonable behavior, he hides behind Malfi in embarrassment and is comforted by him.

Apple Poison[]

He hates Apple Poison and they have a bad relationship due to their height. Their relationship is so bad that Jack declares, "He's tall, so I hate him." He has called him "Apple" before. Initially Jack one-sidedly pulls out a gun and pesters him from behind, but in the later half, both sides openly display their bad relationship. There have been times when Apple Poison has teased him about his height.