The Jabberwocky is a minor antagonist, a huge dragon under the control of The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland (2010). He is voiced by Christopher Lee in its first and only speaking role.


Alice in Wonderland

The Jabberwocky, the Jub Jub Bird, and Bandersnatch are the evil minions, or rather, pets, of the Red Queen. Prior to the plot of the movie, the Red Queen sent her army, along with the powerful Jabberwocky and The Knave Of Hearts, to destroy the party held by the White Queen and her subjects. This allowed the Red Queen to not only gain the crown and control of the land but secure the Vorpal Sword (the only thing that can harm or kill the Jabberwocky). The Jabberwocky is referenced throughout the film, but does not appear until the Frabjous Day, in which it was sent by its mistress to fight Alice during the war. The battle between the two lasted until the two reached the last tower on the battlefield and the Jabberwocky met defeat when Alice beheaded the beast, with Alice saying "Off with your head!" With the creature dead, the Red Queen's card soldiers immediately lay down their arms, as without the Jabberwocky to enforce her demands, they no longer fear what she may do to them. The Jabberwocky's blood was then used by the White Queen to transport Alice back to London.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Jabberwocky was shown in the past helping the Red Queen conquer Underland on Horunvendush Day. It was on that day that Alice traveled back to that she discovered that the Hatter's family was captured, and are therefore still alive in the present.

This version of the Jabberwocky was also seen rusting due to the present Red Queen's actions in the past as the others rush back to the present to return the Chronosphere and restore time to normal.

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