Izzy Wolf is Li'l Bad Wolf's cousin and the son of Zeb Wolf, who was introduced in "Walt Disney's Comics & Stories" comic story, "Li'l Bad Wolf: Cousin Izzy".


Izzy is first introduced in the comic story "Cousin Izzy", when he comes to visit and it is Zeke Wolf's hope that he will be a bad influence on Li'L Bad. Li'l Bad and Izzy's philosophies are diametrically opposed. Li'l Bad is a pacifist while Izzy is a bully. Izzy constantly tries to prove that being tough is better than being nice and as such is constantly at odds with Li'l Bad.

Izzy's second appearance is in WDC&S #99, though he isn't called by name, his demeanor is the same. Zeb, Izzy's father, and Izzy scheme with Zeke to catch the Three Little Pigs. However, Zeb, Zeke and Izzy get into a brawl and it's up to the Pigs to save Zeke (which they do).

Izzy's final appearance in the USA was in "Walt Disney Comics & Stories" in the "Li'l Bad Wolf" tale when again Izzy comes to visit. This time everyone thinks the ill-mannered Izzy is Li'l Bad in a new clothing. After Izzy captures one of the pigs, Li'l Bad enlists the aid of the Pigs' own cousin, Raymond Hogg.

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