Itsy Bitsy Spider 2

The Itsy Bitsy Spider is a character in The 7D. She is a little spider that appears in the episode "Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters", and is the main antagonist.


The little spider is blue with black, beady eyes.


While harmless in nature, the spider causes trouble for many people, namely Starchbottom, The 7D, and Grim. She will pursue any spider bigger than it, calling it "Momma" which suggests that she's a baby spider.


The little spider appears in "Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters". Queen Delightful calls the 7D to remove after the spider terrifies Lord Starchbottom. Sneezy and Grumpy are able to get into a jar and put her in a web outside the castle. However, the mischievous little spider decides to wonder back to the castle. But by the time she arrives, Grim is there already as giant spider and the spider instantly sees him as her mom. This terrifies Grim and this begins a pattern where Grumpy will see Grim and run back to his fellow dwarfs for help, only for them to see the little spider, whom she is in turn scaring away Grim. Eventually, Grim corners everyone in the Throne Room by Hildy's command and just as he's about to scare Queen Delightful, the little spider appears on Starchbottom's hat, where she scares him out of the castle. Grumpy then does the honor of escorting the little spider out of the castle again.