Isaac is a minor antagonist of the Disney’s 2019 live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp, this live-action remake of Walt Disney’s 1955 animated feature film. He is a brutal, ruthless and sadistic stray dog who is known for stealing food and bullying dogs like Lady.


When Lady escapes the pet shop from Aunt Sarah, she survives the traffic around the road to which Isaac came face to face with her around his dog food, he was extremely territorial when they wanted the food to win. Tramp suddenly interferes with him, where he needs to stop when Lady frightens him. When Lady pretends to be a rabid dog and Tramp tells him she is infected by rabies, Isaac runs off in panic, leaving his food behind while Lady tells Tramp to get the muzzle off her mouth. Isaac's further fate is unknown since he was never seen again after that.


Isaac is an evil, mean, ferocious, greedy, serious, devilish, tough, vicious, scary and grouchy stray dog who is shown to be territorial and hostile to any other dog who approaches him trying to take his food. However, he is shown to have a fear of dogs infected with rabies after Tramp tells Isaac that Lady has rabies.


  • Isaac is similar to the stray dogs that attacked Lady in the original 1955 film since they are stray dogs who act aggressive and attack Lady.
    • However, unlike the original stray dogs who are normal aggressive animals rather than actual villains, Isaac is actually evil and kinda anthropomorphic as he is somewhat sadistic and abusive as well as stealing food.