All my life people wanted my brain, but my heart was in rock-'n'-roll.
      —Irwina Allen

Irwina Allen is a villain who appeared in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "Risky Beesness".

Role in Episode

Irwina is a scientist who works at Bug-Out Exterminators. But even though everyone wants her knowledge of insects, she always wants to be a star of rock and roll. Her boss, Mr. Sneed, is not too pleased about Irwina indulging in her dreams on company time. Irwina uses a sound device to hypnotize a swarm of bees under the leadership of Queenie to grab a bunch of instruments for a rock and roll gig. She plots to upstage Dale's favorite rock and roll band, Iron Goose, and take their place on stage at the rock concert.

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