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Iron Monger (real name: Obadiah Stane) is a supervillain and co-founder of Stark Industries along with his partner Howard Stark. His weapons are exactly like Iron Man, except his are bigger.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron Man

Obadiah Stane first appears in the first MCU film first seen welcoming Tony back from Afghanistan. He was secretly planning to kill Tony and take the company all to himself. When Tony decides to stop making weapons after an eye-opening run-in with terrorists, Stane refuses to allow this and betrays Tony. He finds out that Tony is the hero Iron Man and finds the original armor Tony used to escape Afghanistan. He bases his own design on the armor and steal Stark's ARC Reactor to power the suit and dons it in an attempt to kill Pepper, believing himself to be done with Tony until he arrives as Iron Man to confront him and they end up at Stark Industries where Iron Man overloads the building's power source and kills Stane.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Obadiah Stane works for Stark International and formerly for Howard Stark and though they seem friends at first, Obadiah only cares about the company itself as he is disappointed that the cancelled production of weapons has lost them their money and he is mad about this and takes over the company when Howard dies in a plane crash. Howard's son Tony blames Stane for his father's death and becomes Iron Man to investigate him. Stane wants to recreate the Iron Man armor, and in Season 2 he creates the Iron Monger Mecha but it gets into Iron Man's way.

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