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Hungry Larry is a character and antagonist from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He is a monster-for-hire who appears in the episode of the same name. Summoned via ritual, he offers his services to haunt houses and scare people.


Initially, Hungry Larry appears as a short, harmless-looking creature that looks like a "bedsheet ghost" with beady black eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs. Later, after consuming dozens of children, he grows to tremendous size while retaining his "bedsheet ghost"-like appearance, and he has piercing red eyes.


In "Hungry Larry", Star Butterfly explains to Marco Diaz and Janna that Hungry Larry is a monster who haunts the house of whoever summons him, and she also mentions that "he's a real creep." When Rafael Diaz fails to scare any trick-or-treaters with his haunted house on Halloween, Star and Janna summon Hungry Larry to make the house scarier.

Upon being summoned to the house, Larry comes off to Star and Janna as creepy when he locks himself inside Star's bedroom. Before long, however, he begins devouring the children of the neighborhood, starting with Janna and ending with Star and Marco. Due to his ravenous consumption of people, Hungry Larry covers everything in Star's bedroom with his black saliva.

When Rafael discovers that Hungry Larry has eaten his family, he lashes out at the monster in anger, throwing himself inside the monster's mouth and forcing him to regurgitate everyone he ate. As Hungry Larry explains the ultimate lesson of his arrival, Rafael angrily tells him to leave, and he departs in a floating taxi, offended.


Season 2[]

  • Hungry Larry


  • The ritual to summon Hungry Larry involves licking mustard off of an old takeout menu and speaking Hungry Larry's name three times.
  • In concept art, Hungry Larry had a much more monstrous appearance, but it was later toned down to be simpler.