Hugo Gernsback is one of the two tertiary antagonists from Tomorrowland. He is an Audio-Animatronic who runs the Blast From the Past comic book store.

Role in the film[]

Hugo is with his "wife" Ursula. at his shop when Casey Newton arrives with her Tomorrowland pin to see if they know anything.

However, as Casey is about to leave the store, they suddenly bring out laser guns, she thinks their just joking with her until Hugo blasted the room.

The two then attend to kill Casey but Athena shown up and save her from them Ursula later tries to attack her with a spear but accidentally hits Hugo instead and Athena then rips Ursula's head off.

The Gernsbacks are revealed to be robots, after being defeated they both blow up in huge exposing destroying the whole shop with them, shortly after the other robots learn about Casey at the crime seen of the shop than kill all of the police officers and inform David Nix that they have what their after.


  • His name is a reference to a science fiction magazine writer of the same name.