Hotshot and Flygirl are two minor antagonists in Darkwing Duck. They are Major Synapse's henchmen and lackeys. They only appeared in the episode "Heavy Mental." Hotshot is voiced by Terence McGovern, and Flygirl is voiced by Teresa Ganzel.


As part of F.O.W.L.'s psychic division, Major Synapse was given a pair of unnamed hippie agents who possessed no psychic abilities whatsoever. Synapse consider them worse than useless, not even good for luaus and cocktail parties. They routinely fail to identify hidden objects even when they can pick them up and feel them.

However, when he stole the Norma Ray from Dr. Sarah Bellum's lab in the Swiss Alps, Synapse used it on the hippies, giving them real psychic powers.

As a team they gained the ability to see the future, smashing Darkwing Duck in the middle of his trademark delivery.

However, unlike Launchpad McQuack and Major Synapse, who recieved a full suite of psychic abilities, Hotshot and Flygirl had their abilities split between them.


The male hippie gained control over fire and ice and nicknamed himself "Hotshot." His hair magically levitated itself and his eyes glowed keenly.


The female hippie obtained control over flight and gravity and took the moniker "Flygirl."


They proved to be more than a match for Darkwing Duck; Flygirl smashed Darkwing by dropping a series of items onto him, and Hotshot fired him out of the snow hole by setting his tail feathers on fire. Flygirl knocks both Darkwing and Launchpad out by dropping a hut on them. Unfortunately, their abilities were no match for the avarice of Major Synapse. He forced Flygirl to hold a massive duck smasher (anvil) over Darkwing while he bartered for terms with F.O.W.L. high command. This delay allowed Gosalyn and Launchpad to overwhelm the two hippies with Launchpad's superior psychic abilities, ending with them smashed under the duck smasher which they were last seen limping away from.


  • While Major Synapse was killed (one of the few confirmed deaths on the show) and Launchpad lost his abilities during the ensuing psychic explosion, the wherabouts and psychic dispsitions of Hotshot and Flygirl remain unknown.
  • Hotshot and Flygirl's costumes are products of their psychic powers; they appear nearly instantly after they smash Darkwing Duck through a wall.
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