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Horned King's soldiers are minor antagonists in "The Black Cauldron". They used swords and most of them have mustaches and beards.

Hommes de mains

Role In The Film[]

Onne of the henchmen appears sleeping where Fluedder Flam is held prisoner for passing the castle. The henchman's dog sees Taran and wakes theguard up. The guard not seeing Taran. brerates the dogtakes him to "make their rounds". The join the other henchman who are celebrating the capture of Hen Wen the pig until an eerie noise and electricity interrupts them. it is The Horned King. Creeper orders one of the henchman to bring Hen Wen near the Horned King's throne so they can search for the Black Cauldron. When Ceeper threatens HenWe, Taran who has been watching the whole scene hiding, jumps to the grounds, one of the hencxhmen prepare to kill Taran until Creeper says to release him. Wen Taran refuses to nstruct the pig to tell the Horned where the black cauldron is, The horned orders a henchman to threaten to kill the pig. Taran reluctantly decides to tell but then tries to escape. The henchmen chase them. Hen Wen escapes in a moat but Taran is caught by Creeper and the henchmen throw Taran into the dungeon.

While taran, Fluedder Flam, and princess eilowny are trying to escape, a haenchamn is carrying a deathless warrior. So, they wait for the chance. Then Henchmen soon find out that Taran and Eilowny have escape. The battle is on. the henchmen try to get Eilowny, taran, and flueddder flam who has soon escaped vbut the plan is defeated.

The henchmen soon capture the heroes again after they have the black cauldron. They chain them up. The henchmen run away in fear when the Horned King ruthlessly brings the deathless warriors to life.