1000px-Hoof & Mouth

Hoof and Mouth are Taurus Bulba's lackeys, a ram and a mute donkey. Both Hoof and Mouth wear bowties and are exceptionally clumsy, and often physically abused by Hammerhead. Their combined names are a pun on hoof-and-mouth disease. They are both voiced by Eddie Deezen.


A lanky, bucktoothed donkey with red hair and a green fedora, Hoof is possibly the least intelligent of the three. Hoof is apparently a mute because he never says a single word in either of the episodes he appears in, apart from the occasional grunt.


Slightly smarter than Hoof is Mouth, a ram wearing a red bowtie and a driving cap. Whereas Hoof is eternally silent, Mouth, conversely, has an apparent speech impediment which makes him talk very rapidly and repeat almost everything he says. He is the smallest of the trio, yet still bigger than Darkwing Duck as seen during his confrontation with him aboard Taurus' airship.