Hobgoblins are creatures from the television show American Dragon: Jake Long.


Hobgoblins are a race of armored clan goblin-like orcs. They love to terrorize stuff. They even like Leprechaun gold.

A gang of evil ones were seen, but Jake and Haley defeated them.

Jake stopped a bunch of Hobgoblins for attacking Leprechauns, unaware they just wanted their gold back. Jake hired them to help stop the Huntsclan to get the one of the Aztec Skulls and he repays them a bag full of a lot of Leprechaun gold and two golden motorcycles.

Krunkers and Fu Dog were challenging four Hobgoblins in the DMC, but Krunkers just kept hitting Fu a lot of times.

These armored goblins are also the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.


  • "Family Business"
  • "Fool's Gold"
  • "Nobody's Fu"
  • "Being Human" (mentioned)


  • Jake Long
  • Lao Shi
  • Giant
  • Troll
  • Each other
  • Trixie and Spud


  • Haley
  • 88 and 89
  • Sun Park
  • Huntsclan


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