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Hilda is a character and antagonist from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. She is one of several Valkyran Raiders.


Although not given much of a personality, Hilda follows Brun without question and is one of her seconds-in-command along with Sig. She is just as warlike as the rest of the Valkyrans and is shown to be disappointed once at being denied a battle when they come across the remains of Starcruiser 5.5, though still very enthusiastic about stripping it down for parts.


She uses a mace-like bludgeoning weapon when in close combat. The staff can elongate so she can fire off rays for ranged fighting. When flying, her ship is a distinct blue color to match her clothing.


  • Hilda's name originates from Hildr, a female name that means "battle" or "fight" in Old Norse. [1]
  • Hilda is possibly named after Brynhildr, one of Odin's Valkyries and the main character of the Völsunga Saga and Der Ring des Nibelungen.[2] Brynhildr is also said to be inspired by Brunhilda, a Visigoth princess who lived during the second half of the 6th century and became notorious for her cruelty and avarice.[3] Whether either of these apply to Hilda herself are unknown.


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