Helga is the main antagonist in The Proud Family episode; "Thelma and Luis".

Role in the episode

Helga runs an okra plantation which she frequently camouflages as a resort called Happy Endings for old people while paying younger people to dress and act like the other senior members to fool everyone into thinking it is a paradise for old people and tricking their families into letting them stay there while promising them to visit on Saturdays from 2 to 4. Once the family members leave, she cruelly puts her new resort members to work on the plantation by picking okra in order to make more money.

After Papi Boulevardez accidentally floods his family's house, he is sent to stay at Happy Endings Resort run by Helga. At first, it seems like a good place for Papi to stay until Helga reveals her true nature and operation and enslaves Papi and the rest of her members into picking okra in the hidden plantation and field.

When she and her men notice Penny Proud and her friends: Dijonay Jones, Zoey Howzer, and LaCienega Boulevardez (Papi's granddaughter) having arrived at the resort earlier than expected and seen the entire operation, she quickly camouflages the plantation back into the resort in order to fool Penny, LaCienega, and their families after the girls leave. Luckily, Suga Mama is the only one who can see through her deception when she sees "Papi"'s feet quite small since the Boulevardez family are known to have incredibly large feet.

After Penny, her friends (including Sticky Webb), and Suga Mama have rescued Papi at night, Helga is informed of his escape and decides to go out on her motorcycle and hunt him down to bring him back on the plantation. The hunt leads to Las Vegas where Suga Mama and Papi stay hidden for a while since Papi is a wanted man. When Helga spots them at a diner, she chases them on her motorcycle through a car chase with the police and the two families in pursuit until the Grand Canyon. Since the truth about Happy Endings has already been exposed earlier, Helga is arrested (including her men), her operation is shut down for good, and all the senior slave members are released and brought back to their own families.

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