Heffalumps and Woozles are first appeared in the 1968 featurette, Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Pooh encounters them in his dream during the song "Heffalumps and Woozles". According to Tigger, Heffalumps and Woozles love honey and always want it, to the point of being willing to try to steal it.

Heffalumps look cute and cuddly like elephants, while Woozles look sly and cunning like weasels. Many of the Heffalumps turn out to be friendly in later installments.

Powers and Appearance

Heffalumps and Woozles are both skilled at playing music, using any instrument. They are shown to have the ability to transform, but many do not seem to be able to control their transformations and instead are transformed by a group of singing honey pots who are able to use their song as a type of magic. The Heffalumps never even stop smiling as the song goes on.

In The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Stan Woozle is the intelligent one, while Heff Heffalump is shown as being strong but incompetent. There is also a giant Woozle named Wooster who works with Stan and Heff until he reforms and becomes friends with Pooh.

Pooh's Dream

After being told about Heffalumps and Woozles by Tigger, Pooh becomes worried that the Heffalumps and Woozles will try to steal his honey. He stands guard over his honey pots until he falls asleep.

As Pooh sleeps, he floats out of his body and is teleported to the land of the Heffalumps and Woozles, where he flies through the air as Tigger's voice reminds him that Heffalumps and Woozles try to steal honey, and tells him to beware. He lands in a dreamy area, still asleep, when suddenly a group of singing honey pots, the same pots he fell asleep guarding, appear and warn Pooh to beware of the Heffalumps and Woozles. Pooh listens to them until, to his surprise, they just as suddenly vanish. As Pooh looks around for the pots (which are continuing to sing), they reappear and begin chanting that he must beware. Pooh gets scared by their sudden reappearance and runs away from the honey pots.

Pooh runs off, looking behind him in case the honey pots are following. Up ahead, a large green and yellow checkered Heffalump is bending over with its face to the ground. Pooh, still looking behind him, runs right up the Heffalump's trunk and smacks into its face, landing on top of the Heffalump's trunk as it stands up swiftly, launching Pooh into the air. The Heffalump begins to walk, swinging its trunk back and then smacking it into Pooh, sending him flying. As this happens, the Heffalump turns into a Woozle. The Woozle's head then turns back into a Heffalump's head, while its body remains that of a Woozle .

The Heffalump looks around and smiles mischievously as the scene zooms in on the Heffalump's eyes, which merge together and turn into a blue and pink Heffalump, who then splits into two Heffalumps. They Heffalumps look at each other, wink, and then multiply rapidly to create a large group of Heffalumps, before the scene zooms out to reveal that all the Heffalumps are designs on the shirt of a fat heffalump with an umbrella and a hat. The fat Heffalump is playing with a yo-yo.

The fat Heffalump remains focused on playing with its yo-yo as the Heffalumps on its shirt vanish, then the fat heffalump collapses, sending its yo-yo and umbrella flying off screen. It transforms into a smaller Heffalump wearing a red shirt. Then it lifts up its hat, transforming into a tall, thin Woozle which waggles its eyebrows at the viewer. Then the surprised Woozle turns into a blue honey pot, which begins to bounce. Its hat spins in the air, then lands on the pot, acting as the pot's lid.

Pooh runs over and skids to a stop in front of the bouncing pot. He picks it up and holds it happily, then notices the bouncing. An instant later, a transparent Heffalump head, filled with honey, appears out of the pot. Pooh stumbles back in surprise and falls down, and the Heffalump continues to guzzle the honey. Though he started as just a head, after only a few gulps it has grown a full body, which begins to swell rapidly as it continues to eat the honey. It swells up until it nearly fills the screen, then the Heffalump takes one gulp of honey too many, and it explodes, sending Pooh, the Heffalump's hat, and the honey pot flying away. Pooh tries to hold on to the pot but loses his grip as the force of the explosion launches him away.

The next scene shows a beautiful female Heffalump wearing a bow and male Woozle skipping rope, and as they do, they transform. They first change their colors, then the Heffalump turns into a ball while the Woozle turns into a cube (the jump rope vanishes). They both stand up and glare at the screen, then tie themselves in knots. They then untie themselves and change their patterns as they pose, the Heffalump covering herself in beautiful blue stripes (her bow is also covered with stripes) as the Woozle covers himself with polka dots while standing on his tail.

Pooh ignores the warnings of the honey pots and tries to run away, but then skids to a stop in surprise. It turns out that Pooh almost ran into a bandleader Woozle who was starting a parade. The Woozle bandleader grows its nose out as it stretches an inch. The nose, fully grown, pops into a yellow flute. The bandleader Woozle then begins to march as he plays his flute in tune with the music.

The scene shifts to a close up of a walking honey pot. Every time it takes a step its lid bounces, splashing honey. The screen zooms out to show a beautiful blue female Heffalump wearing a red hairbow and a pink tutu walking behind the walking honey pot, flapping her arms as she walks. She takes the lid off the pot with her trunk to get the honey, but it starts to laugh crazily and stumble around. Surprised, she slams the lid back on, making the pot to stop laughing, but continues to follow the pot.

Three Woozles and a large Heffalump with a tuba for a trunk march. The tuba Heffalump accidentally steps on the tail of one of the Woozles, who squeaks and falls over, and before it can stand up, the Heffalump stomps first on its butt, then on its head, squishing it.

The scene shifts again, showing that Pooh has recovered a honey pot. As Pooh walks along, carrying the pot, a bee-like Heffalump flies right behind him, buzzing loudly in tune with the music, unnoticed by Pooh. It taps Pooh on the head with her trunk to get his attention, and when Pooh turns to look, it grabs the honey pot with its trunk. Pooh tries to pull it away, but it grabs the pot from him and flies off, with Pooh chasing it.

Pooh jumps at the Heffabee and tries to grab the honey pot back, but misses. He falls down and is laughed at by a trio of Jack-in-the-Box Woozles. Pooh climbs back to his feet, scared, and runs away from the Woozles, continuing to chase after the Heffabee.

The Heffabee, happily holding the honey pot with her trunk, dives to the ground as a spotlight appears and disappears, creating a lake of honey. Instantly, after the Heffabee disappeared under the honey, a beautiful female Heffalump wearing a red hairbow and a lavender tutu and a handsome male Heffalump wearing a tuxedo outfit and a top hat emerge from the lake, both covered in honey. The female bats her eyelashes at the male. He holds his arms out and she jumps onto him. Surprised by her weight, he almost drops her, but manages to pull her back up. They begin to dance with each other as the spotlight grows and focuses on them, and in a few seconds, their dance goes in reverse.

The next scene shifts to a beautiful pink female Heffalump wearing a blue necklace and a light blue hairbow. She sits up with honey covering her trunk and tummy, forming harp strings which she plays on.

Then, the next scene shifts to a large rope-charmer Woozle playing a magic flute, who makes a rope come out of a large honey pot. Pooh comes out of the pot and climbs up the rope. When Pooh gets to the top of the rope, the Woozle blows the flute three times and magically makes Pooh vanish in a puff of sparks.

The scene shifts to a pair of young Heffalumps playing their trunks as accordions. They finish their music by raising their trunks high in the air.

The next scene then shifts to a small flying Heffalump that sees Pooh walking past with a red pot of honey, laughs, and dives down. The flying Heffalump hits the ground and transforms into a larger Heffalump in a military uniform with a popgun for a nose. It marches behind Pooh, takes aim, and fires its popgun-trunk at Pooh.

The cork of the popgun causes Pooh to go flying. He gets the honey pot stuck on his head, and flies right into the trunk of a blue Heffalump with a stick of dynamite on its head. A uniformed Woozle marches over from behind the Heffalump and lights the dynamite, the runs away in a panic as the fuse burns down. The dynamite then explodes, blowing the Heffalump to pieces as Pooh, unharmed by the explosion, falls to the ground with the honey pot still stuck to his head.

Pooh tries to pull the pot off his head, but it covers him with honey as it transforms into a red hot air balloon Heffalump. The honey turns into the balloon's basket and the balloon carries away Pooh into the sky, where a number of other Heffalump balloons are.

All the balloons have empty honey pots attached to them in place of baskets except for a green hot air balloon Heffalump right next to Pooh's balloon, which has a full pot of honey. Pooh stares at the green balloon's pot of honey as the balloon smiles widely, and begins to eat the honey.

As the green balloon happily eats the honey, Pooh climbs onto the rim of his balloon's basket and reaches out, trying to grab the pot of honey from the green balloon and take it for himself. His added weight pulls the pot down, preventing the Heffalump from reaching it.

Thunder and lightning flash. The balloon, unable to reach the honey, starts swinging wildly back and forth, then disappears in a flash of light and turns into a watering can Heffalump. Pooh tries to grab onto the watering can's trunk to avoid falling, but it douses him with water.

As Pooh falls from the sky, an umbrella suddenly appears next to him. He grabs it and floats down until he lands back in his body and wakes up from his dream to discover that his house has flooded (in one version of the Disneyland ride, he instead wakes up to find that he has climbed a honey tree in his sleep, and begins to eat the honey, commenting, "What a wonderful dream!").

They are not seen again for the rest of the film.

Piglet's Dream

In the New Adventures Of Winnie the Pooh episode 'No Camp Like Home', Piglet dreams he is being chased by a group of Heffalumps and Woozles. He runs from them, but runs into another group of Heffalumps and Woozles. Both groups of Heffalumps and Woozles (all of whom look like his friends) tackle Piglet, then begin to inflate before they all explode, revealing Piglet to be trapped inside a Jailer heffalump with a cage as a stomach. Piglet shakes the bars trying to escape, only to awaken and discover he is shaking the bars of his bed.

Book version

In the original book version of Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne, the Heffalumps appear in one of Pooh's nightmares during his quest to catch one. He has set a big trap for a Heffalump, which is an undescribed creature, but is seen to look like a mammoth or an elephant due to its illustration. The Heffalumps also torment Piglet far worse because he is too small to fight them if they do catch one. Piglet hopes the quest will be uneventful and hopes Heffalumps don't exist. When he sees Pooh stumbling around with a honey pot on his head, Piglet runs back to Christopher Robin screaming about having seen a real Heffalump, thinking Pooh is one. He says its head looks "like a jar." But when Robin sees it's Pooh, Piglet is so ashamed of his stupidity he runs off home.

Woozles are mentioned in another chapter, where Pooh is hunting them (he is actually following his own footsteps) and he claims monsters are making identical footprints to confuse him. He thinks Christopher Robin is also a Woozle but then realizes who it is.

There is also a short children's book where Pooh dreams about a Heffalump coming to take his honey. First he tells the Heffalump to go away, but when this makes the Heffalump cry he offers to share his honey instead.

Piglet's Big Game

In Piglet's Big Game, Piglet enters the dreams of his friends, where he finds Heffalumps and Woozles causing trouble. He scares the Heffalumps and Woozles by making scary faces at them. When scared, they transform into a sort of potion which Piglet then collects, allowing him to venture farther into the dream.

A number of different Heffalumps and Woozles appear in the dreams. Along with normal-looking Heffalumps and Woozles, Piglet also encounters Heffabees, Tuba Heffalumps, and Woozles dressed as vampires, along with many other types.

Boo to You Winnie the Pooh

In this movie, several Heffalumps and Woozles appear during Tigger's daydream in the song "I Wanna Scare Myself".

Song Lyrics

Main article: Heffalumps and Woozles (Song)

Variations in the Rides

There are several rides based on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and each one takes a slightly different version of his dream.

Paris Version

In this version of the ride, there is an additional singing honeypot, a female pink one. Additionally, the red balloon Pooh rides in has a full honey pot, which Pooh happily eats as the balloon hovers over a swirling whirlpool of honey. meanwhile, the "confusle" Heffalump has become extremely large, and is watching the jump-roping Heffalump and Woozle duo. Further ahead, the dynamite Heffalump is eating honey as the matchstick Woozle tries to blow him up, and a pair of watering can Heffalumps attempt to extinguish the fuse. The vacuum heffalump is cleaning the dream world. As the dream ends, Pooh is stuck in a honey tree eating the honey, and comments "what a wonderful dream".

Tokyo Version

In this version, a group of Heffalump and Woozle performers play music on a honey pot parade float. A Heffalump and Woozle family watch the show from the same type of honey pot cart that the guests ride in. Up above, the popgun Heffalump is sitting on a giant disco ball, a group of Heffabees carry honey pots to a beehive Heffalump, and the green Heffalump balloon hovers off to the side. Then, the ride stops in front of a Heffalump with a mirror for a face. In the reflection, guests will see one of two things happen to the honey pot attached to their vehicle: Either the transparent Heffalump will fly over to the honey pot, eat too much, and fly away like a deflating balloon, or a Heffabee will spot the pot, fly over, eat the honey until she becomes too fat to fly, and fall into the pot.

Further ahead, the blue heffalump balloon carries Pooh over to the honey tree heffalump. The tree holds open the hole to where the honey is as Pooh reaches for it. The bar tender woozle makes a drink. After that the matchstick Woozle fires a cannon made of honey pots at the visitors. The visitors exit through a giant Heffalump head as Pooh wakes up. Like in the Paris version, he is in a honey tree, happily eating the honey.

Interestingly, in this version the facial expressions of the Heffalumps change - the Heffabee and the transparent Heffalump all look panicked once they eat too much honey.

California Version

The California version is basically identical to the Paris version, But the vacuum heffalump is replaced with the broomstick woozle.

Hong Kong Version

The only notable variation here is that the popgun Heffalump is balancing on a large ball while juggling several other balls. As he does so, a Heffabee takes a photo of him.

Florida Version

The Florida version is closest to the movie version. Several Jack-in-The box Woozles pop out of the wall as the yo-yo Heffalump twirls his yo-yo. Then, the matchstick Woozle lights the fuse of the Dynamite Heffalump, who blows a smoke ring out of his trunk at the visitors. Further ahead, the harp Heffalump sits in a pool of honey as the confusle Heffalump watches the Heffalump and Woozle duo and two watering can Heffalumps flood the room as Pooh wakes up to find the Hundred Acre Woods flooded.


  • Heffalumps and Woozles appear similar to the Pink Elephants in Dumbo.
  • In the California Adventures version of the ride, the watering cans are trying to extinguish the fuse of the dynamite Heffalump, and Pooh is not stuck in the Heffalump's trunk (instead, the Heffalump appears to have been eating honey). Meanwhile, in the Disneyland Tokyo version, there is a three-headed Heffalump that resembles a honey tree.
  • At one point in the dancing scene, the animation is reversed.
  • When Pooh jumps to the hot air balloon, the word "Hunny" is visible on the honey pot. Once Pooh grabs the pot, the word vanishes.
  • When the honey pot transforms into a balloon, the basket Pooh is sitting in looks extremely fancy. Once the balloon reaches the same height as the other balloons, the basket looks the same as the ones in the other balloons.
  • The singing honeypots are the same ones he falls asleep next to.
  • The marching Heffalump is the only one to be voiced (though the extent of his speech is "Hep-hep, ho ho!" upon seeing Pooh). Aside from him, all speech comes from the singing honey pots (and the laughter of the walking honey pot).
  • In early concept art for the hot air balloon scene, there are a number of differences. First, there are many more balloons. Second, all the balloons except Pooh's and the one with the honey have Woozles riding in them. Lastly, the green balloon with the honey has large ears, which all other balloons lack. (This concept art is seen in the bonus feature of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Friendship Edition)
  • According to the Disneyland Tokyo version of the ride, Heffabees eat honey through their stingers. During the ride, a Heffabee spots a pot of honey, eats it, grows too big for its wings to hold, and falls into the pot.
  • In early concept art, the Woozle bandleader has a different color flute, and the flute has a sign attached to it that reads "We Love Hunny" (This concept art is seen in the bonus feature of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Friendship Edition).
  • In the Disney Monster Hits version of the scene, it skips directly from the transparent Heffalump popping to the marching Heffalump shooting Pooh with the popgun.
  • Later installments show that not all Heffalumps and Woozles are evil, with some Heffalumps actually being nice in the case of Papa, Lumpy, Lumpys mother, Mama, and Junior Heffalump, and one Woozle named Wooster who became one of Pooh's friends.
  • Throughout most of the scene, honey is spelled "hunny". However, the jack-in-the-box Woozles spell it "hunney" instead.
  • Heffalumps are based on elephants, while Woozles are based on weasels.
  • The dancing scene mirrors a dancing scene from Pink Elephants on Parade.
  • Even though the dream is supposedly a nightmare, when Pooh wakes up from it in the Disneyland version of the ride, he comments, "What a wonderful dream!"
  • All the Woozles seem to be made of fabric, while some Heffalumps are fabric and some seem to be rubber, like balloons.
  • In the Norwegian dub of the song, the flying Heffalump's (which turns into the military Heffalump) laughing is replaced with "Ah nej se der", which roughly translates to "Oh! Look over there."
  • In the German version of the song, the line saying that they "come in every shape and size" instead says that they are all fat.
  • Concept art shows the scene taking place inside Pooh's house and outside in the woods, suggesting the image of him flying out of his body was a late addition, and that the scene used to have the Heffalumps and Woozles entering his house. This is referenced by the fact that the singing honeypots in the final scene are the same ones that he falls asleep next to.