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The Harpies are large female bird-like monsters with partially humanoid faces. In the film, a Harpy was recruited by Hades to kill Hercules however Hercules easily defeated it and trapped it in a cage. This Harpy also appeared in Hercules and the Underworld Takeover as a resident of the Underworld.

Another smaller and more older harpy appeared in Hercules and the Epic Adventure in which she is a thieving collector who steals anything that appears shiny or anything that seems interesting, like a poem. Whether Echidna is the mother of all Harpies or just the large one is unknown.

In the Hercules video game for the Playstation the Harpy had a different design, sporting a more humanoid appearance with green skin, feline-like legs and tail, and wings on her back. She is also very ugly.


  • In the original myths the Harpies were the children of Electra and Thaumas.
  • you can also find harpies in fantasia during the popular segment, "night on bald mountain" (although they are topless)
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