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Harud Hazi Bin voiced by James Avery is the secondary antagonist from the animated series "Aladdin". He is Abis Mal's partner and has appeared in almost every episode with him, although he never first appeared in the movie The Return of Jafar with him. He is much smarter than Abis Mal, though he never takes him seriously. Harud is not very loyal. For example in the episode Forget Me Lots, he betrayed his master when Princess [1]Jasmine takes the throne from Abis Mal and joins sides with the new ruler. It is likely that his name is a pun on the phrase "How rude has he been?" And he is also known as harsh, abrasive, respectful, organized, ungenerous, dignified, hot-headed, attentive, zany, ingenious, brainy, irascible, naughty, haughty, opportunistic, worrisome, rational, understanding (sometimes), determined, educated, helpful (sometimes), ambitious, slothful, honest, encouraging, bold, emotionless, earnest and noble.