Harley Keiner is the main antagonist of the first half of Boy Meets World, and a character in Girl Meets World.


Boy Meets World[]

Harley Keiner is the leader of the bullies at John Adams High. His oldest lackey is Frankie, and his newest one is Joey. He tries to recruit Shawn, but is thwarted by Cory. In "Back 2 School", Cory tries to make friends with him as a way to gain instant popularity, but Harley instead chooses to target Cory. Because of a prank he played on Cory, he refers to him as "baboon" (Johnny Baboon).

Girl Meets World[]

Harley later returns as an adult in Girl Meets World, having reformed into a much friendlier person. It is also apparent that he has come to regret the actions of his past self, and is very sorry. He works as the custodian of John Quincy Adams Middle School.


The episode "Sister Theresa" reveals Harley's family life and a more sympathetic side to the bully. He has a sister, Theresa Keiner, whom he truly cares for. Apparently when Theresa was eight, their father ditched Theresa at a Phillies game to run off with another woman. Harley went out of his way to get to the Phillies game and escort her home.


  • His username is Harl_Kein.
  • His real name is Harvey.
  • He owns a Chevy Impala.
  • He is instead portrayed by Kenny Johnston in the episode "Wrong Side of the Tracks".
  • Season 3 was at least his third year spent as a Senior at John Adams High School.
  • He became the school janitor in the 2014 spin-off Girl Meets World.