Hans and Helga are the primary antagonists of the TaleSpin episode "The Balooest of the Bluebloods".

Role in the series

The duo are siblings who work as caretakers at Castle Von Bruinwald. Purportedly, a deadly curse had plagued the Von Bruinwalds for generations, when in reality, the first twelve barons were murdered by the ancestors of Hans and Helga.

Upon learning that Baloo is the thirteenth baron of the Von Bruinwald line, the caretakers lure him away from Higher for Hire and to the castle with the promise of the wealth and luxury that awaits him. From the moment that he arrives, however, he finds constant attempts being made on his life. Arrows, a shark, and a giant swinging blade mark just a few of the deadly traps that he narrowly escapes.

After learning how panicked Baloo is, Rebecca Cunningham travels to the castle along with Wildcat. While sneaking around, she overhears both Hans and Helga excitedly discussing how they will soon kill the final baron and inherit all that belongs to the Von Bruinwalds. Alerted to the eavesdropper, the duo attempt to roast Rebecca alive, but she is saved at the last moment by Baloo.

Ultimately, Hans and Helga are arrested when Austin Featheridge brings the police to the castle.

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