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Hammerhead Hannigan is a villain from the animated series "Darkwing Duck". He is voiced by series writer Tad Stones.

He is one of Taurus Bulba's minions and a surly goat who wears a pinstriped suit and speaks like a stereotypical 1930's gangster. He's also Bulba's lead henchman. His gimmick is that he uses his head as a blunt object to headbutt his enemies. He appears to be based on the Spider-Man villain of the same name.

His choice of attacking, headbutting, may also be based on actual male goat behaviour to show aggression and dominance. Of all of Bulba's henchman, he's the only one who went on to appear in a third episode; he was shown briefly in In Like Blunt, about to beat up Phineas Sharp.

In the videogames of the Konami, Hammerhead Hannigan makes Boss Battles in the Videogame Disney Adventures : Mickey's Color Adventures in Sega Genesis (1992) and Game Gear (1994).