Hammerhead is a Marvel Comics character that appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man. He is a gangster from a Spider-Man Noir universe who is at war with another Mob. Hammerhead killed his universe's Mary Jane Watson . He attacked Thunderbolt, Abombadier and Mr. Fixit (his universe's versions of Thaddeus Ross, A-Bomb and Hulk) when Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid appeared tryed to stop them frighting. Hammerhead got a new tommy gun was powerful enough that it was doing allot of damage to the city when it was destroyed. A piece of the Siege Perilous fell out and transformed Martin Lii into Mister Negative. Where he used his new powers to turn Hammerhead into a statue. He would become free at the end and became colourful thanks to Fixit.

Hammerhead 1.png

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