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They are voiced by Phil Proctor.

The Guards are the minor antagonists in The Incredibles. They are Syndrome's henchmen who have the same uniformed appearance of a dark grey undersuit with strapped-on armor, guns, and a black visor covering their eyes. Status : Deceased Aligment : Bad Occupation : Syndrome s Hencmens

Synopsys: Who Two guards is grabbed by Beto and jogado in Walter and the car smashes the two security and Beto fires the rock in the Head of security. Helen tries libertar of your body ,but two guards Discover and Helen punches inconsiencie and two guards and other is punched inconsiencie and Helen trança no armário.

              Chasing in Perrs.

Violet and Dash tries fugir but the guards stop her with the art móvel and Violet and Dash revela foge and and other is killed who is distaced by Dash. Dash ruins in super speed and two guards Destroy in att móvel in cavern, Violet Beats with o galho but entra in Walter and Guard tauts but Dash interfere e Violet proteja with the campo de força and Discover the your Dads but the incredibles fight the security with the Powers but they captured by the syndrome.