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Grimtrix is a sorcerer and antagonist who appears in the Disney Junior animated series Sofia the First. He is the headmaster of Hexley Hall who goes by the title Grimtrix the Good, however his title can be deceiving when in fact he is a bad sorcerer.

Role in the Series

In his debut appearance, Grimtrix serves as the secret antagonist of the episode. Grimtrix first appears in "Hexley Hall" when Cedric and Princess Sofia arrive at Hexley Hall. When Grimtrix asks them why they're there, Cedric tells him that they're there so Sofia can do some research for her Alchemy Class at Royal Prep. Later on, he reveals that he has known that their reason for being there is to research the Amulet of Avalor due to having been watching them through his Crystal Ball since they arrived and that he wants the Amulet so he can take over a kingdom. He then tries to snatch the Amulet from Sofia with his Crystal Ball. However, Sofia turns the tables on him and destroys his Crystal Ball by using the Amulet to turn herself into a bulldog. She and Cedric then escape.

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