Grim and Denning are the secondary antagonists of Air Buddies.

Role in the film[]

At the beginning, Denning wonders when he would have to ship the tiger for Bartelby. Selkirk Tander informs him that they wanted Air Bud instead. He tells Denning to take Grim with him and go out and capture Air Bud. Denning was in charge of the operation. At night, Grim and Denning discovered that while they were on surveillance, they noticed that Air Bud was a wife that was identical.

The next day, they captured the Buddies in order to lure Air Bud and Molly. After they saved their puppies, Grim and Denning were able to catch the parents with nets and put them in the back of their truck. When they went back to the manor at wine country with Air Bud and Molly, Selkirk tells them if they had puppies, they could really be worth something. Learning that already happened and that they didn't bother bringing in the buddies, Selkirk tells them to bring them in or they become the tiger's lunch. Grim was now put in charge of the mission.

That night, they were at a drive-in watching 101 Dalmations and noticed that while that they were watching, giant shadows were seen on the screen. Knowing that it was the buddies, they were able to find the puppies, but they got away. Grim and Denning were then encountered by bikers and got tied and hung up close to the movie screen. The audience was throwing a ton of snacks at them as they were hanging by the screen.

The next day, they got really messy from last night and finally got out of the drive-in. In the truck, Selkirk calls them about the mission and as he hung up, Denning pretended that he was still talking to him, putting himself back in charge of the operation. Grim notices the buddies around a tree and Denning drives the truck through the fence, chasing them in the process. During the chase the truck runs out of gas and Denning tells Grim to do the chase on foot.

Eventually, they ended up at a farm and after chasing the buddies and being attacked by a goat, Grim and Denning got locked up in an animal cell by the same goat that acted as a warden. Later, Noah and Henry discover them being locked up. Denning tells them to unlock the door so they could work together on finding their dogs. Knowing that they seem untrustworthy, Noah and Henry leave them behind. In the end, they were discovered and arrested by Sheriff Bob.