Grim Buccaneer is a character and the true main antagonist from the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Role in the Series

The Grimm Buccaneer first appeared in the episode "Mystery of the Mighty Colossus". He sneaks aboard the Mighty Colossus and began abducting the various members of Captain Jake’s crew from the shadows. He later reveals him self Jake and a sword fight commence, but Grim soon gets the upper hand do to his underhanded tricks and knowledge of the Mighty Colossus. Grim soon locked Jake and the others down within the holding cell holding them prisoners and was plotting to abandon them all on Pirate Dread Island where they will never return. Once at the helm of the Mighty Colossus, Grim savior his victory if only Captain Colossus could see what he accomplished. But this is short lived when Jake and the others manage to escape and confront Grim. Grim attempt to flee but was captured by Jake and his crew.Jake decided to sending Grim to Pirate Dread Island would be the perfect place to keep him from causing trouble in the future but the cunning pirate manage to break free. Grim swears he'll return more powerful then ever and the battleship will become his before vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

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