Gremlins are the supporting antagonists of 2011 Disney/Pixar's film, Cars 2. they're are the henchmen of Professor Z and led by J. Curby Gremlin.


Cars 2[]

Some of the Gremlins were first seen chasing Finn McMissile on the Oil Rig, the same location were Keith died off the platform. Some of the Gremlins used a blow torch handle to burn Finn McMissle at the top of the Lemon Oil Rig.

In the Lemon's syndicate fronts in Japan, Tyler was seen delivering an allinol tank to Rod "Torque" Redline so the Lemons could successfully kill the agent.

In Japan, Tyler was seen looking for Mater until three cars yelled at him. There was an explosion in Japan where Towga died.

In Italy, J. Curby Gremlin ended up attending a meeting with his fellow Lemons on how to discredit allinol in racing. The Lemons were using the electric pulse generator that looked like a camera to make the racers blow their engines and crash. This would ensure that all the cars would keep using convention fuel to secure the profits of the whole Lemon organization.

Some of the Gremlins watched the final race in London with their fellow Lemons.

When Grem and Acer were in London, George spoke through his headphone when he was speaking to Grem and Acer.

At some point, when the professor faced his defeat, many of the Lemons confronted Mater and Lightning. When everyone was fighting, J. Curby Gremlin and the black Gremlins were arrested in London.




  • Grem
  • Tyler Gremlin
  • Don Crumlin
  • Towga Gremlin
  • Stefan Gremsky
  • Samuel Gremlin
  • Jake Gremlin
  • Dennis Gremlin
  • Robert Gremlin
  • Sylvester Gremlin
  • Kai & Tai Gremlin
  • George Gremlin
  • Keith Gremlin