Greg Skeens (usually known only by his surname) is a character and antagonist from Recess. He is known around the playground as Graffiti Kid. He hangs out behind the school with his four friends, Lazy Kid, Mundy, Sue Bob Murphy and Kurst The Worst.


He is tall, thin, sports long dark hair, has brown skin, wears a yellow shirt with red lines on the bottom and round the top, grey pants, black sneakers and black gloves with holes in them.


He can often be seen writing and drawing (poorly spelled) graffiti on the walls. In some episodes, he can be seen playing sports.

He was banned from Kelso's for stealing, which was why he, Mundy and Lazy Kid tricked Gus into stealing Beanie McGum from Kelso's in "Gus and Misdemeanors". In "Mundy, Mundy", Skeens threatened to destroy T.J. and his gang's bicycles if they didn't get Mundy's reputation back for being a bad kid since T.J. and the Gang were the ones who ended up spilling on Mundy in the first place. In "The Girl Was Trouble", he was the one who first took Galileo. After Galileo went missing, he told Gretchen that he traded Galileo for a stick of gum as it didn't work on his T.V., so Gretchen gave him the word "nefarious" to write on the wall. So, Skeens wrote on the wall "Finster is a nefarious Dega". Skeens then told Gretchen that it was Mundy who he traded Galileo to. In "Kurst the Not So Bad", he stole the school's huckleberry cobbler along with Mundy, Lazy Kid, and Sue Bob Murphy.


  • He was the Vince of Lawson's Crew.
  • When being chased, he is even faster than Vince.