Granny Beagle is the grandmother of the Beagle Boys. She closely resembles, and is often confused for, Auntie Léonie Beagle, whom is the aunt of the Beagle Boys. While the two are both featured mostly in comics, they are two separate characters. 

She has been featured in numerous comics, and acts as the leader of the Beagle Boys at times. She is usually the one to come up with schemes, either it be for a great heist or to break out of jail.


Granny Beagle first appeared in the gag comic from The Beagle Boys issue of February 1967, illustrated by Tony Strobl and Steven Steere. 

In this comic, the Beagle Boys are in prison and expecting a visit from their granny. The prison guard remarks that they "maybe they'll feel more cooperative after a reunion with her". This assumption soon turns out to be wrong, as Grandma Beagle decides to break the walls of the prison with a pickaxe in order to see her grandchildren. The other prison guard exclaims, "she won't even visit according to regulations!"  


  • Grandma Beagle's apperance varies depending on the source. In some comics, she has white or grey hair, and in others her hair is either blond or red. 
  • According to some instances of the INDUCKS database, Granny Beagle is actually Auntie Beagle, and vise-versa. Because of their nearly identical designs, differentiating can be diffult; however, they have two distinctly different relations from the Beagle Boys: grandmother and aunt.