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The Grandmaster is a Marvel Comics character and antagonist who appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man, voiced by Jeff Bennett, in the TV series Guardians of the Galaxy, voiced by Jason Spisak, and will appear in Thor: Ragnarok, played by Jeff Goldblum. Just like the Collector, he is an ancient alien being who is morally ambigous, only instead of collecting things, he likes to challenge superheroes and pit them against each other. He is very intelligent and calculating.


Ultimate Spider-Man[]

Guardians of the Galaxy[]

He is shown to own the space station Conjunction. In the episode "Space Cowboys", the Grandmaster and the Collector are revealed to be brothers, just as in Ultimate Spider-Man, both trying to kill each other. After the Collector tries to kill the Grandmaster with Moombas that explode if they eat anything other then grass the Grandmaster hires the Ravagers to bring the Moombas to Knowhere.