Governor Robbins is the main antagonist of the 1964 live-action film A Tiger Walks.

He was portrayed by Edward Andrews.


He is the boss of Sheriff Pete Williams and is concerned about getting involved in the hunt for Raja to kill him, rather than capture him. When he sees Julie on the news, telling them that her father wants the tiger taken alive, he is annoyed by the idea and berates Pete for the idea. He is also annoyed that all the children around the town also want to save the tiger. After Josef Pietz was killed by Raja, they are concerned that they should get the army involved to shoot the tiger. Ram Singh also wants to capture Raja alive, but they ignore him. When the army is involved, Singh plans to capture Raja in his net, but Robbins disapproves this and orders him to get back. As the army continue to shoot cannonballs at Raja, Julie arrives and gives the tranquilizer to Pete. Pete shoots Raja and Singh manages to catch Raja. Governor Robbins arrives and is still determined to kill Raja, but Pete stops him and tells him that the state of emergency is over and he relents.

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