Gordon "Gordie" Gertrude Gibble is a rich, spoiled kid who is a BMX legend, who has broken records and is one of the main antagonists in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. He is another of Kick's nemeses. He has perfect hair, expensive clothes and top of the line equipment. He is always followed by the DiPazzi Twins, who will always do whatever he says without question.


He is considered "a rich jerk", as seen in every episode he appears. He hates Kick, as lots of people. He is very rich and spoiled, but is very good at cheating and doesn't know how to compete without cheating. He is always followed by Anthony Michael DiPazzi and Michael Anthony DiPazzi, the DiPazzi Twins. They help Gordie with his cheating to beat Kick on every BMX rodeo he participates in.


He is very rich so he wears amazing and expensive clothes, like jackets and goggles. He also wears purple pants, dark blue/white sneakers and has a "perfect" hairstyle. He is thin, tall and has brown hair and black eyes, just like most of the characters.


Just like the majority of Kick's nemeses, he thinks he is superior to Kick. In his debut appearance in "Switching Gears", he shows himself to be spoiled and convinced, because he has broken lots of BMX records and is a legend.


Family and early life[]

Little is known about Gordie's childhood because he has only appeared in six episodes so far. But it is known that his parents love him a lot and spoil him too much. As seen in "Kart to Kart", his dad lets him buy the Go-Go-Go Kart World.