The Golem

The Golem is a large artificial clay individual created to defend the city of Prague from its enemies. It is controlled by Rabbi Loew a long time ago. It is later controlled by Maxwell Brod. It appears in the episode from "Gargoyles": "Golem". It is the supporting antagonist of the episode.



In 1580, the Golem was designed to defend the Jewish community from its enemies. At some point, the Golem was deactivated and placed in a synagogue.

In 1995, the Golem was 115 years old. Halcyon Renard hires Tomas Brod to steal the Golem from its guardian Max Loew. Max Loew tries to revive to Golem, but criminals interrupted and bust in the room. Halcyon Renard and Tomas Brod revived the Golem, which went on a rampage throughout the Jewish community until it goes after Max Loew. Goliath prevented the Golem from causing too much damage. Max Loew was able to make him understand sense to protect Prague from its enemies. The Golem attempts to kill Thomas Brod, but Max Loew prevented him from doing so. The Golem is forced to follow the words from his ancestors. It is possible that the Golem is still controlling Prague and defending its city from its enemies.