Goigoi is a character in The Lion Guard. He is the mate of Reirei, and the father of Dogo and his siblings.

The Kupatana Celebration[]

Goigoi is first seen asleep in The Outlands until he is awoken by his wife Reirei who tells him that their son Dogo has tricked the Lion Guard into letting him into the Pride Lands and says that once one jackal is invited, they all are.

Goigoi along with Reirei and their other sons go into the Pride Lands and find Dogo on a hillside as the Lion Guard had told him to stay there. Goigoi asks Reirei when Kupatana will start to which she tells him it will be a while, but for the meantime, they should make themselves at home. The family later invade an aardvark den and are confronted by the Lion Guard. Goigoi and Reirei introduce themselves are Dogo's parents to Kion and convince him to let them stay in the Pride Lands. Kion agrees as long as they stop stealing. Goigoi later watches Reirei sing "Jackal Style" and watches as Reirei convinces Kion to let them come to Kupatana.

During the jackals' attack during Kupatana, Goigoi attacks elephants, but Fuli intervenes and causes him to crash into a tree. When Kion orders the jackals to return to the Outlands, Reirei tries to get him to give them another chance, but Simba steps forward and roars at them, causing Goigoi to flee with his wife and sons.