Goat Man is the main antagonist of the House of Mouse short, "Mickey and the Goat Man".

Role in the short

The Goat Man is a large anthropomorphic goat. He's greedy, obsessive, arrogant and selfish. While on the way to Hollywood, the Goat Man picks Mickey up for a ride, but the Goat Man also kidnaps Mickey as his own stuff. In the van, Minnie and Mortimer are kidnapped as well and the Goat Man brings them to his own house with all sorts of junk around. In order to get out of the Goat Man's house, Mickey tells Mortimer to do the show for him, but Mickey's sneaky idea is how to be lousy in the show. Mortimer convinces the Goat Man to watch the show--if he's funny, he gets to keep them. When the show is over, while Mickey did some lousy things to Mortimer in the end, the Goat Man wants to keep Mortimer instead of Mickey and Minnie.

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