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Gnocci is the main antagonist of the A.N.T. Farm episode "Fantasy Girl".


He is a perfume business owner and collects people's art. He first came to the A.N.T. Farm when he saw Fletcher Quimby's video online, and he came right away. After Fletcher left, he got the impression that Fletcher died, so he paid top dollar for all of the paintings, and they got enough money for the dance. At the dance, Gnocci came to give them a portrait of Fletcher for a memorial, and he saw Fletcher there, and Chyna and Olive said he was his identical twin from Spain. But Gnocci realizes it and says they will all go to jail, and Angus came dressed as Zack Gallafanacus, and he would put Gnocci in jail for using his scent without his permission if he let the art thing go. Gnocci agreed, and he left angry. He is portrayed by Kyle Moore.