Gloyd Orangeboar is a minor character in Wreck-It Ralph. He is one of the racers in the game Sugar Rush and is one of the racers that bullies Vanellope von Schweetz for being a glitch. He is one of Taffyta Muttonfudge's friends. He never talks in the film.


Wreck-It Ralph[]

Gloyd has been told by King Candy, the ruler of Sugar Rush, that if Vanellope races, she will cause the game to be unplugged, so he and the other racers try to keep her from doing so. However, Vanellope uses a medal she stole from Ralph to get into the race and has even bult a kart to race. Gloyd is told by Taffyta to follow her as she tries to keep Vanellope from racing. They succeed at destroying the kart, but Taffyta makes the mistake of hurting Vanellope physically, and Ralph, who had watched the whole thing, gets so angry he charges out of hiding. Gloyd and the other racers retreat, and Gloyd runs past Vanellope, who is on the ground in mud due to Taffyta, and he drives off.

Gloyd later returns in the race that Vanellope participates in with a new kart. Gloyd doesn't get far in the race, as he is hit by a sweet seeker fired by King Candy, knocking him into the air. The race is cut short by the attack of the Cy-Bugs, and Gloyd runs away to Game Central Station and returns after King Candy, who is really Turbo, and the bugs are defeated. His memory is restored that Vanellope is the princess of the game and Taffyta, speaking for all of the racers, apologizes for their behaviour. Vanellope says they will be executed, and Gloyd and the other racers react i shock and horror and break down when only for Vanellope to reveal she was joking and accepts the apology. She also turns down being princess and becomes president instead. After Ralph leaves, Gloyd becomes Vanellope's friend and he and the other racers start playing with her.