Glacia the Ice Witch is a character who appeared in the Sofia the First episode "Winter's Gift". She is voiced by Phylicia Rashad.

Role in the Series

Glacia is a businesswoman witch of ice and snow who, every Wassailia, does spells for people who bring her gifts. One year before, she gave a faun named Winter the Ice Touch in exchange for all her wood crystals. Winter later came back and asked her to remove the Ice Touch after she froze one of her friends by accident but Glacia, having grown bitter from meeting nothing but selfish people and being the businesswoman she is, refuses and tells her to come back on Wassailia with a gift if that's what she wants.

She first appears when Princess Sofia, a frozen Clover, Whiskers, and Winter enter her palace. Upon being introduced to Sofia, Glacia, out of envy of the girl's beauty and charm, makes snide comments toward her. Winter presents ice lilies to her and asks her to remove the Ice touch but Glacia, because she already has hundreds of ice lilies, refuses causing Winter to run off in tears, to Sofia's disapproval.

The quartet later come back and Winter makes one of her songs a gift for her. Glacia likes the gift and removes the Ice Touch and undoes the freezings, unfreezing Clover. Glacia reveals the reason she was so nasty is because she was tired of receiving worthless trinkets from selfish people who only see her when they want something. The quartet thank her and bid her farewell.

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