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Ginarrbrik is the tertiary antagonist of 2005 film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

He is Jadis' servant and sleigh driver.

He was portrayed by Big Mick in the BBC tv series, and by Kiran Shah in the 2005 movie.

Role in the film

He is first seen driving the witch's sleigh and then attacking with a whip and a knife, sliping and almost killing Edmund in the process, who he highly disliked, what thanks to the white witch he couldn't finished.

He gets tied to a tree, replacing Edmund, who gets saved by Aslan's army (including Oreius).

During the battle of Beruna, he shot Peter's unicorn with a arrow Peter was riding.

He then tried again to kill Edmund, but he gets killed by an arrow from Susan's bow.


  • Ginarrbrik was played and portrayed by Kiran Shah
  • In the book, his name wasn't mentioned
  • During the scene at the Stone Table, Ginarrbrik taunts Aslan by saying, "Do you want some milk?" This line belonged in the book to one of the hags.
  • Also in the scene when he is about to pass Jadis some tea and give it to Edmund, he says to him, "Your drink, sire."
  • He says to Edmund during his first meeting, "How dare you address the queen of Narnia!" Edmund says to him, "I didn't know!" Ginarrbrik is about to kill when he says to him, "You will know her better HEREAFTER!" Jadis says to Ginarrbrik offscreen, "Wait." so he could not kill Edmund.
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