Giffany is a villain from Gravity Falls. She is the main antagonist of the episode Soos and the Real Girl.


She is a sentient anime-like being from the computer game "Romance Academy 7". The developers found that Giffany was very obssesive to the guys that were playing with her and tried to delete her, but she deleted the programers back for trying to do so.

Years later one unfortunate victim Soos picked up the game but didn't realize his computer was unplugged and that Giffany was alive. After Dipper and Mabel take Soos to see some real girls at the mall, Giffany goes to follow them. Giffany and Soos hang out at the mall on a train ride but Soos needed more coins to play again. He later meets a real girl named Melody who is similar to Soos in so many ways and promises to meet her at their favorite childhood place. Soos then breaks up with Giffany for being a computer program, causing her to go completely insane and obssesive over Soos, leaving the latter with no choice but to pause her. Unfortunately, Giffany breaks free from this and pursues Soos at the arcade, intent on revenge for being paused by him, and takes over all the animatronics at the arcade. Giffany then plans to plug Soos into the game so she can be with him forever, but Soos refuses and tosses the Romance Academy 7 CD into a pizza oven, melting the disc and erasing Giffany from existence for good.


  • She encounters another previous video game villain from the series Rumble McSkirmish.
  • Giffany deleting the programers trying to delete her is a reference to GLaDOS from "Portal".
  • Giffany is based off of a yandere, a common Japanese archetype in which a girl is obssesed with a guy to the point of killing someone who tries to come against them.
  • Her obsessiveness for an actual human is similar to Weebo from Flubber.