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Geryon is a character from the Hercules TV series.


He is a large human-like monster with three torsos. Unlike the rest of his multi-headed siblings, Geryon's heds think in unison rather than each head having a mind of its own. He used to be the boyfriend of Princess Lavinia, but after their relationship ended, he became overly emotional and prone to fits of sobbing when he thinks about her. He even develops a friendship with Hercules when he finds out that he also got dumped by his girlfriend. Later on Geryon discovers that Lavinia is in love with Hercules and believes that Hercules betrayed him causing him to fight Hercules in a blind rage. Luckily Hercules convinces Lavinia to get back together with Geryon thus restoring their relationship.


  • In Once Upon a Time, one of Hercules' twelve medals represents him.
  • In the original myth, Geryon is Hercules' tenth labor.