George McKinzie is the main antagonist of the 1980 live-action TV film Sultan and the Rock Star. He was portrayed by the late Ken Swofford.


When Sultan is shipped to Sportsman's Island and tormented by Frost, he heads over there on his boat, while Paul Winters sneaks onto the boat. Upon arriving there, Paul meets Sultan and becomes his protector. They head over to McKinzie's place to get some food, while he and his men learn about Paul's disappearance on the radio. The men grab their rifles for target practice, while Paul and Sultan escape.

While they're sleeping in the cave, they are awoken by gunshots outside the cave as McKinzie and Frost shoot at the save to get Sultan out, but Paul holds him back and they leave. Paul and Sultan sneak over to McKinzie's place to get more food, but they're spotted by McKinzie's reluctant caretaker, Joe Ironwood. McKinzie and Frost head out to hunt Sultan once more, but Ironwood keeps them covered. While they're having dinner, McKinzie orders Frost to bring out the dogs for the hunt. Ironwood informs Paul about the dogs, but tells him about a mystical island called Walkon Island where Sultan would be safe.

McKinzie and his men assemble the dogs and they head out after the pair. They are chased onto a shore and around a hill. They manage to elude the hunters, but McKinzie orders Frost to keep hunting. They once again lose them and they leave. However, the hounds are still after them and Paul leads Sultan across McKinzie's house, where the dogs wreak havoc inside. The hunters arrive and McKinzie berates Frost for lying to him about Sultan and decides to go back to the mainland, much to Frost's dismay. However, Frost hears Sultan's roars uphill as Ironwood drives the truck. Sultan jumps onto the vehicle and Frost orders Ironwood to get him off until he slips off and flees.

McKinzie decides to hunt Sultan again and heads over to the cave, in spite of Frost's warnings. As he reaches the hill, his rifle falls down and sets off, prompting Sultan to come out of the cave and attack him, causing him to fall down the cliff and knocking him unconscious. Frost and Ironwood carry him back to the boat and he decides to sell the island and fires Frost. Frost is still determined to hunt down Sultan, but a fisherman dissuades him and Sultan is set free onto Walkon Island.

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